Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Planner Set Up

I updated my midori style/fauxdori from Chic Sparrow for the new year.  I've added a custom flyleaf/dahsboard.  A daily page, lots of tabs, page flags and much more.  Below are a few still pictures for you but you can also head over to my Youtube channel {link below} and see a full walk through video discussing it all.  Enjoy!

My small brain dump/scratch pad book I carry with me all the's field size and I use it to jot down anything I need that may need to go in my planner at some point.

And here is the laminated fly leaf/dashboard I created to go in my traveler's notebook.  I wanted something other than the plain clear fly leaf, so I opted for some pictures and a few of my favorite quotes, at least it's something pretty to look at as soon as I open the planner. 

Here is a top look at my month tabs and a current month page flag I made using my Zink Happy+, I plan to do a video on this real soon.  I think it's an awesome tool that makes things very fast.

And I still keep a modified bullet journal, below is my tipped in key and the stamp I used to make daily stickers for the bullet journal.  I don't do the calendar part but I do create a monthly list and then a daily list of tasks as well.  

And last but certainly not least I wanted to share how I make a lot of my reminder page flags, I use this set of colorful page flags that I got from the container store, the Iconic stamp set from Studio L2E and a stazon ink pad.  I love to have these so I can put them in quickly as reminders for things coming up or things I need to remember.

And now the link to my new video on my YouTube channel, I hope you find it useful, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel I've got some great ideas for 2015 to share with you all!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

This week's set up & a walk through of my EC Life Planner in my Filofax

Here's what this week's spread looks like.  I used green, purple and a soft yellow this week and created a bird on a wire type theme.

I've seen a lot of people use washi to label the weekend, so I decided to create a bracket label to fit at the top and the bottom of my weekend instead.

I made this little bird clip for the week.

And as a first this week I made my own magnet page marker.  The idea came to me because I wanted another bird somewhere on the spread but I didn't want it permanent and I didn't want to stick a paperclip on the side and it stick out.  So I picked up a package of craft magnets from Hobby Lobby, they were I think a $1 or $2, and they have adhesive on one side.  I made the bird using my cameo, I created the background shape (the yellow) copied a mirrored image and then welded it together at the tail feather. Then I cut the top section (the purple) I wish I would have duplicated the top portion so you could see it from both sides so I think on next week's I'll do that.

Also this week I made more mini bunting banners, I used another old school punch and just cut them to look like banners.

Last week when I shared last week's spread...

I had several requests for my hydrate and a habit stickers so I created two free files you can download.  The first is a the hydrate by itself in png format.

This can be used just like a jpeg you can insert it into a word document the same way.  There is just no background, it's just the image.  You can get that {HERE}. [PERSONAL USE ONLY, DO NOT DISTRIBUTE OR SELL]

Now for the Hydrate/Habit sticker, I don't think everyone is going to use just my same habits so I created a single square that has the hydrate part and blank sections so you can add your own habit.

I did include the M-S circles so you won't have to worry about that part.  Just insert the jpeg into word and then add a text box on top.  Type what ever you want, just make sure you right click on the text box and check no lines, that way it will look like the words belong on the jpeg.  You can find it {HERE}.  [PERSONAL USE ONLY, DO NOT DISTRIBUTE OR SELL]

Below you will find a walk through video of my initial setup of my Erin Condren Life Planner that I trimmed down and punched to fit in my A5 Filofax Finsbury.

Monday, August 4, 2014

My new weekly list stickers....

I created these the other day and I am really loving how they turned out.  I use them on the weekly spread to cover up the weekly goals and notes.  I wanted a little more structure and fun. lol

I've had several requests to share these, so I decided to do that here on my can download this word document {HERE}