Friday, September 23, 2016

Yellow & Grey Elephant Planner Download

I got several messages and requests asking if I would share my Yellow and Grey Elephant kit and of course I will!

You can download the kit here.

This was one of my first sticker kits to create, I made it just for my personal but I am sure with some trimming you could make it work for any planner.

This is what the two pages actually look like:


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Plan With Me & Sweet Pups Printable

Hey Blogger Peeps!

I got my videos up and I have have loaded up the free printable, I hope you like it!

Again the dog clipart is fromKenna Sato Designs on Etsy, please go check out her shop she has very reasonably priced clipart.

All other images in the scenes were created by me. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Here is my Happy Planner Plan With Me:

Here is my personal Color Crush Plan With Me:

And here is then link to download this kit! Download

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sweet Pups - Before the pen

I visited a new craft store that recently opened here in my city, they had a wall of washi tape, it was pure bliss.  They even has some of the cutest shaped washi, I picked up roll of washi tape that had all types of dogs on it and the tape was shaped like the dogs.  It was too stinking cute to not buy it, needless to say it was my inspiration for wanting to create puppy dog kit.

How cute is this washi, the left side is what I used in my personal and the right side is what I used in my Happy planner.

I did purchase some puppy dog clipart from Kenna Sato Designs on Etsy.  They were adorable and went so well with my washi.

I did created all the scenes either in photoshop or in the Silhouette software and then I added the puppy clip art in.  I just love how fun this turned out and I wanted to share my before the pin.  I did film a plan with me on my personal and on my Happy planner that I hope to have up soon.  I can also share this kit as well if you are interested.

Let me know!

 Here is what the kit looks like printed out....

And here is what it looks like in my planners...